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    Polynomial similarity transformation theory: A smooth interpolation between coupled cluster doubles and projected BCS applied to the reduced BCS Hamiltonian.
    M. Degroote, T. M. Henderson, J. M. Zhao, J. Dukelsky, and G. Scuseria
    Phys. Rev. B 93, 125124 (2016)



    Collective modes of a trapped ion-dipole system:Towards measuring, controlling and entangling electric dipoles with atomic ions
    J. Mur-Petit, J.J. García-Ripoll
    Appl. Phys. B 114, 283-294 (2014)

    Chiral phases of two-dimensional hard-core bosons with frustrated ring exchange
    D. Huerga, J. Dukelsky, N. Laflorencie, G. Ortiz
    Physical Review B 89, 094401 (2014)

    Quasiparticle coupled cluster theory for pairing interactions
    T. M. Henderson, G. E. Scuseria, J. Dukelsky, A. Signoracci, T. Duguet
    Physical Review C 89, 054305 (2014)

    Phase stabilization of a frequency comb using multi-pulse quantum interferometry
    A. Cadarso, J. Mur-Petit, J.J. García-Ripoll
    Phys. Rev. Lett. 112, 073603 (2014)

    Marginal Fermi liquid versus excitonic instability in 3D Dirac semimetals
    J. González
    Physical Review B 90, 121107(R) (2014)

    Rippling transition from electron-induced condensation of curvature field in graphene
    J. González
    Physical Review B 90, 165402 (2014)


    Mesoscopic behavior of the transmission phase through confined correlated electronic systems
    Rafael A. Molina, Peter Schmitteckert, Dietmar Weinmann, Rodolfo A. Jalabert, Philippe Jacquod
    Phys. Rev. B 88, 045419(2013)

    The Lipkin-Meshkov-Glick model as a particular limit of the SU(1, 1) Richardson-Gaudin integrable models.
    S. Lerma, J. Dukelsky.
    Nucl. Phys. B 870, 421 (2013).

    Exact solutions for pairing interactions.
    J. Dukelsky, S. Pittel.
    "50 Years of Nuclear BCS" , eds. R.A.Broglia, V.Zelevinsky. World Scientific Publishing Co., Singapore(2013) pp. 200-211.

    Composite Boson Mapping for Lattice Boson Systems.
    D. Huerga, J. Dukelsky, G. E. Scuseria.
    Phys. Rev. Lett. 111, 045701 (2013).

    Repulsive interactions in quantum Hall systems as a pairing problem.
    G. Ortiz, Z. Nussinov, J. Dukelsky, y A. Seidel.
    Phys. Rev. B 88, 165303 (2013).

    A Beyond Mean Field study of Bose gases in a double-well potential with a Feshbach resonance
    P. PĂ©rez-Fernández, A. Relaño, J. Dukelsky, J. M. Arias
    AIP Conference Proceedings Vol. 1541, 187-188 (2013)

    Magnetic and Kohn-Luttinger instabilities near a Van Hove singularity: monolayer versus twisted bilayer graphene
    J. González
    Physical Review B 88, 125434 (2013)

    Dynamical breakdown of parity and time-reversal invariance in the many-body theory of graphene
    J. González
    Journal of High Energy Physics 07, 175 (2013)

    Many-body dynamics of p-wave Feshbach molecule production: a mean-field approach
    L. Austen, L. Cook, M. D. Lee, J. Mur-Petit
    Phys. Rev. A 87, 023610 (2013)

    Simulating the Dirac field with cold atoms in a honeycomb lattice
    E. Alba, X. Fernandez-Gonzalvo, J. Mur-Petit, J. J. García-Ripoll, J. K. Pachos
    Ann. Phys. 328, 64 (2013)

    Cumulant dynamics of strongly interacting ultracold gases and Feshbach molecule formation
    T.M. Hanna, J. Mur-Petit
    Chapter 7 (pp. 121-131) in Quantum Gases: Finite Temperature and Non-Equilibrium Dynamics N. P. Proukakis, S. A. Gardiner, M. J. Davis, and M. H. Szymanska (eds.) Imperial College Press: London (Cold Atoms Series, vol. 1), 2013


    Non-Abelian gauge potentials in graphene bilayers
    P. San-José, J. González and F. Guinea
    Physical Review Letters 108, 216802 (2012)

    Electron self-energy effects on chiral symmetry breaking in graphene
    J. González
    Physical Review B 85, 085420 (2012)

    Higher-order renormalization of graphene many-body theory
    J. González
    Journal of High Energy Physics 08, 27 (2012)

    AC Josephson effect in finite-length nanowire junctions with Majorana modes
    P. San-José, E. Prada, R. Aguado
    Physical Review Letters 108, 257001 (2012)

    Laser-induced quantum pumping in graphene
    P. San-José, E. Prada, H. Schomerus, S. Kohler
    Applied Physics Letters 101, 153506 (2012)

    Transport spectroscopy of N-S nanowire junctions with Majorana fermions
    E. Prada, P. San-José, R. Aguado
    Physical Review B 86, 180503 (2012)

    Scattering phase thorugh quantum dots: Emergence of universal behavior
    R.A. Molina, R.A. Jalabert, D. Weinmann, Ph. Jacquod
    Phys. Rev. Lett. 108, 076803 (2012)

    Quartet condensation and isovector pairing correlations in N=Z Nuclei
    N. Sandulescu, D. Negrea, J. Dukelsky, C.W. Johnson
    Phys. Rev. C 85, 061303(R) (2012)

    Integrable Richardson-Gaudin models in mesoscopic physics
    J. Dukelsky
    J. Phys.: Conf. Ser. 338 (2012) 012023

    Excited state quantum phase transitions and chaos in the Dicke model
    P. P&ecute;rez-Fernández, A. Relaño, P. Cejnar, J.M. Arias, J. Dukelsky and J.E. Garcí­a-Ramos
    AIP Conference Proceedings, 1488 (2012) 318

    Decoherence and quantum quench: their relationship with excited state quantum phase transitions
    J. E. Garcí­a-Ramos, J. M. Arias, P. Cejnar, J. Dukelsky, P. Pérez-Fernández, y A. Relaño
    AIP Conference Proceedings, 1488 (2012) 309

    New realizations of the Richardson-Gaudin models in nuclear physics: the hyperbolic model
    J. Dukelsky and S. Lerma
    AIP Conference Proceedings, 1488 (2012) 182

    Isovector pairing and quartet condensation in N=Z Nuclei
    N. Sandulescu, D. Negrea, J. Dukelsky, C.W. Johnson
    AIP Conference Proceedings, 1498 (2012) 359

    Embedding method for the scattering phase in strongly correlated quantum dots
    R.A. Molina, P. Schmitteckert, D. Weinmann, R.A. Jalabert, Ph. Jacquod
    J. Phys.: Conf. Ser. 338 (2012) 012011

    Apunts de Física 2010
    J. Mur
    Revista de Fí­sica 4(8), 31-33 (2012)

    Towards a molecular ion qubit
    J. Mur-Petit, J. Pérez-RĂíos, J. Campos- Martínez, M. I. Hernández, S. Willitsch, J. J. Garcí­a-Ripoll
    Architecture and Design of Molecule Logic Gates and Atom Circuits, N. Lorente and C. Joaquim (eds.), Proceedings of the 2nd AtMol European Workshop, Springer (Heidelberg), Advances in Atom and Single-Molecule Machines Series (2012). ISBN: 978-3642331367.


    Electron-induced rippling in graphene
    P. San-José, J. González and F. Guinea
    Physical Review Letters 106, 045502 (2011)

    Progress in modeling graphene: The novel features of this material
    F. Guinea, M. A. H. Vozmediano, M. P. López-Sancho and J. González
    Advanced Materials 23, 5324 (2011)

    Gate driven adiabatic quantum pumping in graphene
    E. Prada, P. San-Jos&ecute;, H. Schomerus
    Solid State Communications 151, 1065 (2011)

    Band topology and the quantum spin Hall effect in bilayer graphene
    E. Prada, P. San-Joé, L. Brey, H. A. Fertig
    Solid State Communications 151, 1075 (2011)

    Single-parameter pumping in graphene
    P. San-José, E. Prada, S. Kohler, H. Schomerus
    Physical Review B 84, 155408 (2011)

    Many-Body quantum chaos: Recent developments and applications to nuclei
    J.M.G. Gómez, K. Kar, V.K.B. Kota, R.A. Molina, A. Relaño, and J. Retamosa
    Physics Reports 499, 103 (2011)

    Recent results on quantum chaos and its applications to atomic nuclei
    J.M.G. Gómez, E. Faleiro, L. Muñoz, R.A. Molina, A. Relaño, and J. Retamosa
    Journal of Physics: Conference Series 267, 012061 (2011)

    Tailored particle current in an optical lattice by a weak time-symmetric harmonic potential
    J. Santos, R.A. Molina, J. Ortigoso, M. Rodríguez
    Physical Review A 84, 023614 (2011)

    Quantum quench influenced by an excited-state phase transition
    P. Pérez Fernández, P. Cejnar, J.M. Arias, J. Dukelsky, J.E. García-Ramos, A. Relano
    Physical Review A 83, 033802 (2011)

    Excited-state phase transition and onset of chaos in quantum optical models
    P. P&ecuate;rez Fernández, A. Relaño, J.M. Arias, P. Cejnar J. Dukelsky, J.E. Garcia-Ramos
    Physical Review E 83, 046208 (2011)

    Comment on "Fermi-Bose Mixtures near Broad Interspecies Feshbach. Resonances"
    J. Dukelsky, C. Esebbag, P. Schuck, T. Suzuki
    Physical Review Letters 106, 129601 (2011)

    Integrable two-channel px+ipy-wave model of a superfluid.
    S. Lerma H., S. M. A. Rombouts, J. Dukelsky,G. Ortiz
    Physical Review B 84, 100503(R) (2011).

    Exactly solvable pairing Hamiltonian for heavy nuclei.
    J. Dukelsky, S. Lerma H., L. M. Robledo, R. Rodriguez-Guzman, and S. M. A. Rombouts.
    Physical Review B 84, 100503(R) (2011).

    Richardson-Gaudin models: the hyperbolic family.
    J. Dukelsky, S. Rombouts, G. Ortiz
    Journal of Physics: Conference Series 321, 012001 (2011).


    Pairing in 4-component fermion systems: The bulk limit of SU(4)-symmetric Hamiltonians
    G. F. Bertsch, J. Dukelsky, B. Errea and C. Esebbag
    Annals of Physics 325, 1340 (2010)

    Prediction of resonant all-electric spin pumping with spin-orbit coupling
    V. Brosco, M. Jerger, P. San-José, G. Zarand, A. Shnirman and G. Schön
    Physical Review B 82, 041309(R) (2010)

    Renormalization group approach to chiral symmetry breaking in graphene
    J. González
    Physical Review B 82, 155404 (2010)

    Graphene wormholes: A condensed matter illustration of Dirac fermions in curved space
    J. Gonz´lez and J. Herrero
    Nuclear Physics B 825, 426 (2010)

    Controlling the conductance statistics of quantum wires by driving ac fields
    V. A. Gopar, R. A. Molina
    Physical Review B 81, 195415 (2010)

    Interplay of Tomonaga-Luttinger liquids and superconductive phase in carbon nanotubes
    J. Haruyama, J. González, E. Perfetto, E. Einarson, S. Maruyama and H. Shinohara
    Europhysics Letters 89, 27003 (2010)

    Phase diagram of the Heisenberg antiferromagnet with four-spin interactions
    L. Isaev, G. Ortiz and J. Dukelsky
    Journal of Physics: Condensed Matter 22, 016006 (2010)

    Comment on a Quantum phase transition in the four-spin exchange antiferromagnet
    L. Isaev, G. Ortiz, J. Dukelsky
    Physical Review B 82, 136401 (2010)

    Extended van Hove singularity and superconducting instability in doped graphene
    J. L. McChesney, A. Bostwick, T. Ohta, T. Seyller, K. Horn, J. González and E. Rotenberg
    Physical Review Letters 104, 136803 (2010)

    Perspectives on 1/f noise in quantum chaos
    R. A. Molina, A. Relaño, J. Retamosa, L. Muñoz, E. Faleiro and J. M. G. Gómez
    Journal of Physics: Conference Series 239, 012001 (2010)

    Connection between decoherence and excited state quantum phase transitions
    P. Pérez-Fernández, A. Relaño, J. M. Arias, J. E. García-Ramos, J. Dukelsky
    AIP Conference Proceedings 1231, 233-234 (2010)

    Singular elastic strains and magnetoconductance of suspended graphene
    E. Prada, P. San-José, G. León, M. M. Fogler and F. Guinea
    Physical Review B 81, 161402(R) (2010)

    Zero Landau Level in Folded Graphene Nanoribbons
    E. Prada, P. San-José, L. Brey
    Physical Review Letters 105, 106802 (2010)

    Quantum phase diagram of the integrable px+ipy fermionic superfluid
    S. M. A. Rombouts, J. Dukelsky, G. Ortiz
    Physical Review B 82, 224510 (2010)

    Color-charge separation in trapped SU(3) fermionic atoms
    T. Ulbricht, R. A. Molina, R. Thomale, P. Schmitteckert
    Physical Review A 82, 011603(R) (2010)